Clustering Tool

Help Your Keywords "Swipe Right"

Do you often find yourself lost amongst a pile of hundreds or even thousands of potential keywords?
Do they all seem like great growth opportunities that you want to target with relevant pieces of content?
Do you ever feel conflicted on how to properly organize them to avoid keyword cannibalization?

Sweat no more! We are here to help!
Using our proprietary "matchmaking" algorithms, we will help you find insights on how your keywords should be grouped.
As a result, you will gain a significat advantage over your competition and optimize your on-site page architecture to align with what Google wants to see.

Take advantage of our 7-Day Trial during which you can access ALL the features of our platform.
We also supply you with 500 keyword credits to experiment and create your reports, for just $1!

There are no strings attached when signing up for a 7-Day Trial.
You will not be automatically charged for a subscription package unless you choose to do so.
Nevertheless, we are hoping to have you join our KC family! 😊
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