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Your Best Response To Google's A.I.

Take The Guesswork Out Of Content Strategy!

KC uses state-of-the-art neural network models to reverse engineer Google's knowledge graph, in real time!
We scrape live data and train machine learning models to provide you with an optimized and holistic content strategy.

Automate and delegate endless hours of keyword research!
Create the right pages to rank on Google and properly interlink them to boost topical authority.

Our customers love Keyword Cupid because:
It saves time (resulting in saved money).
It removes all guesswork.
It creates perfect topical clusters.
It needs no domain knowledge or advanced SEO experience.
It helps you rank consistently.

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Why Choose KC?

Features Like No Other

Automatically cluster keywords by intent based on the Google algorithm - NOT the other way around.

Save time, increase traffic, and look like an SEO genius.

Take a look at what you can do with KC and why people call it the premier tool for keyword clustering and keyword research.

Cluster Thousands of Keywords In One Shot
Create Fully Relevant Content Silos
Skyrocket Your Rankings On Google
Create Powerful & Relevant Silo Structure
Delegate Content Strategy & Blog Post Creation
Get On-Page Insights On Ranking Factors
Boost Topical Authority
Capture User Search Intent

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KC Explainer Video

Are you new to KC and unsure of how it works?

Take a look at our short explainer video which gives a brief introduction about the service.

Are you interested to learn more?!

Jump to our blog, where you can find more educational posts and tutorials on using Keyword Cupid best.

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Let's Get Down To Business

How It Works

3 easy steps!

That's all it takes to automate and systematize your keyword research and content creation.

Take a look at the animation below to find more information.

1 Gather Your Keyword Data

The process starts by collecting all the relevant keyword data for your target market vertical.
Be thorough! KC trains A.I. models on the fly, so the more data you feed it, the better the patterns it discovers. You can upload a CSV/Excel file exported from any popular tool such as Ahrefs or Semrush. We also process/aggregate metrics such as Volume, Difficulty, CPC, so be sure to include them in the uploaded dataset if you have them.

SEO Copywriting
Link Cloaking
PBN building
OnPage SEO
SEO Content
OnSite SEO
Blackhat SEO
Affiliate Marketing

Select the country/device/search engine of your choice, enable SERP Spy™ and that's it!
Sit back and relax while we scrape the SERPs and train our models. Once your report is done, you will receive an email from us. You may now access our interactive mindmap where you can visualize the whole map of the intents that stem from your keyword dataset. You can also download our Excel report which contains the last two levels of the tree and shows you how to cluster your keywords into pages and these pages into topical silos.

Cluster 4
Cluster 3
Cluster 2
Cluster 1
3 Content Time

Follow the hierarchical structure of our output to create niche relevant pages targeting all the keywords that belong together. You can also see which pages belong in the same silo. As a result, you can create the perfect interlinking strategy. SERP Spy will help you optimize the On-Page elements of your content. We provide recommendations on how many words, number of o.b. links, images, h2s, etc. you should have on your page to blend in with the top results on Google.

Are you interested and want to learn more on how to run a report?

Take KC with a spin through our interactive tutorial that will walk you through running an end-to-end report.

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Ithaca Is Not A Place, But A People

Who Uses KC

We are humbled and proud to be working with some of the best names in online marketing.

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We are very active on our blog, focusing on educational posts, demos, case studies and so forth.

Below you can find some of the most recent articles we have written so you can get an idea.

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