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The End Is Where We Begin

Our hypothesis is simple...
The only unbiased signal that truly correlates with Google rankings is the search engine results pages.

While others focus on analyzing their competitor's content (like NLP entities, tf-idf, salient terms, auto-suggest etc), to determine which factors affect rankings… we simply don’t care.

Google shows us all we need to know in just one page (their webpage!).
We use an ensemble of unsupervised machine learning algorithms to cluster the signals we extract from the Google page to construct the most unbiased topical model there is.
We confirm our hypothesis by inspecting these groupings from a human perspective, and we conclude that these topical clusters make logical sense to us.

That's how we know that we can communicate with Google and align with what Google "understands"...

Best Features In The Game

Not Your Ordinary
"Clustering Tool"

On the outside it looks so simple!

Just import your data into our easy-to-use A.I. software and we'll show you which keywords Google would rank together.

Nevertheless, we have a lot more than what meets the eye...

Let's take a look at some of the features that make KC the best clustering tool for keyword research.

Innovative Approach
Unparalleled Functionality
Online Machine Learning Modeling
Simple & Intuitive User Experience

I know, I know... You surely wish for more!

Check out the full list of our features below.
  • A.I. On-Demand

    We are the only tool that trains machine learning models on the fly, given your input dataset. Unravel topical clusters tailored to your specific needs.

  • Live Data Pulls

    We scrape data live at the moment of your query to guarantee that we capture the most accurate and up-to-date intent that stems from Google.

  • Simple Reports

    Focus exclusively on clustering any set of keywords by providing a list of comma-separated keywords. No metrics or other information needed.

  • B.Y.O.D Reports

    Upload a CSV or an Excel file with metrics such as impressions, difficulty and CPC. We will aggregate these metrics to derive meaningful insights.

  • Geo Targeting

    Drag the pointer on the map to specify the location of your choice. We will then use a proxy that is closest to that geo to scrape city relevant SERPs.

  • Device Targeting

    Choose to target SERPs from mobile, desktop or tablet devices. Often the SERP intent differs amongst different devices.

  • Search Engine Targeting

    See how different search engines "understand" your keywords. Google and Yandex can yield different clusters for the same dataset.

  • Interactive Mindmap

    Visualize all the resulting topical clusters in an interactive hierarchical dendogram that allows you to search, edit and interact with its nodes.

  • Downloadable Excel

    Our Excel file contains the lower tiers of the hierarchy. It's packed with metrics and organizes keywords into pages and the pages into silos.

  • Organize Your Reports

    KC gives you the ability to organize your reports into projects. Edit or delete hundreds of reports at once.

  • Built For Teams

    You can invite team members to collaborate under your main account. Linked accounts can view each other's reports, but not delete or edit them.

  • Flexible Pricing

    You may upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time. We will always charge/refund you the prorated amount based on your usage.

  • Extra Credits

    Customize your plan by purchasing credits on demand. Unlike your monthly credits, these credits don't expire. Get an up to 40% off on bulk orders.

  • On-Page Suggestions

    Using SERP Spy™, we scrape the text of the top SERPs for each keyword. We then present on-page stats such as avg. content length.

  • Silo Structuring

    Our clustering hierarchies not only show you how to group keywords into pages, but also how to interlink them to build powerful topical silos.

  • Start 7-Day Trial

    A trial account does not automatically enroll you to a paid plan.
    Have a question first? Just ask.

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