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What The FAQ?

With every new tool or technologoy there is usually a learning curve.

We realize you might have questions.

We collected the list of the most popular questions we get and answer them in a concise way.

  • We support both .csv and .xlsx files.
    There is no extra work needed on your end.
    Just upload the file to our system and you are ready to go.

  • In order to upload a custom keyword list, first select Bring Your Own Data (B.Y.O.D.) report.
    Make sure the file you wish to upload contains, at minimium, the following 4 columns in the first line.

    Keyword Volume Difficulty CPC
    keyword research 6,500 75 1.4
    keyword clustering 6,500 75 1.4
    seo silo building 3,000 46 0.5
    Keyword Cupid 4,200 42 1.1
    Note that every column doesn't need to be populated. You can still leave rows empty.
    Just ensure that the headers are specified as above.

  • These colors represent the concept of cluster confidence/keyword co-occurence.
    This metric indicates our degree of certainty that the keywords inside each silo belong together.
    Sometimes all of the keywords inside the silo are closely related to each other, which yields a high cluster confidence.
    We color anything above 90% confidence as green.
    Between 80%-90% is colored orange and below 80% is red.
    In the case of red clusters, we just want to alert the user to pay attention when interlinking the subsequent pages.

  • The clusters with lower cluster confidence are clusters that KC flags as "loosely" related.
    The user needs to pay attention to that node's children and determine if any subtle underlying intents form this relationship.
    The keywords might not overlap in SERPs, but they still might be related in general terms due to transitive relationships.

    The page clusters should almost always be green as the rough neural network we use penalizes the estimators' weights in a great deal. This way, we are looking at the most thematically relevant pages we can create.
    When linking together the pages to silos, we want to be more "relaxed" and find subtle relationships that we might have missed. For that reason we use a recurrent neural network Keyword Cupid outputs a very "harsh" and "rigid" plan, so it doesn't have to be perfect to be effective.
    Even if you follow the content plan we provide in general terms, you will still unravel more associations than organizing your keywords manually.

  • In order to provide the most accurate results, we have chosen to rely only on real time data.
    We use half a dozen APIs and data providers to capture an accurate picture of the landscape of your project.
    Therefore, a report with 100 keywords is bound to complete sooner than a report with 2500 keywords.
    Another contributing factor to your wait time is the computational complexity of the models we use.
    A report with 2,000 keywords analyzes 2000 kws * 100 Serps = 200,000 combinations. All of these combinations require examination to create accurate hierarchical structures and group relevant keywords together.

  • Fear not, irrespective of how large your target report was, we automatically replenish the keyword credits to your balance in case of a failed report.
    You only pay for results :)

If your question wasn't answered, please drop us a line.
We are here to help!

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